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  • Indonesian Gold Sea Cucumbar Capsules from Gamat Emas, 60 Capsules in one bottle
    Golden colored Sea Cucumbar contains essential proteins and essential fatty acids that strengthen liver cells to release antibodies. Therefore, Sea Cucumbar is often called imunomodulator. Because of the high content of collagen, it can regenerate dead cells.

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  • Indonesian Gold Sea Cucumber Jelly 300 Ml Bottle from QnC
    This 300 Ml bottle contains the extract of Golden Sea Cucumber from Indonesia's pacific coast areas. The basic ingredients used for this medicine are pure sea cucumber extract, which is processed using modern technology , namely "natural extracing" which guarantees the natural hygiene of the product. Substances contained in QnC Sea Cucumber Jelly -Protein 86.8% -80% collagen -Mucopolysacarida -Condroitin Sulfate -Glucosamine -Mineral -Bio Active Element -Gamapeptida -Cell Growth Factor -Saponin -Omega 3.6, and 9 - Amo acid Benefits: Helpful in preventing or controlling diseases, such as; Outer wound (skin); Smallpox, measles, burns, incisions, stitches, postpartum, blisters, gangrene injuries, keloids, pockmarks, wounds and acne scars, facial spots, stretch marks, glandular wounds, Thyroid, Uric Acid,, Kidney Stones, Urinary Tract Infection, Ovarian Cyst, Painful Joint Illness, Arthritis, Sinusitis, Ear Inflammation, Flu, Colds and Prolonged Cough because of illness, etc. Sea cucumber Jelly also can be applied to heal outer wounds on skin like Smallpox, measles, burns, incisions, stitches, postpartum, blisters, wounds and acne scars, facial spots, stretch marks, glandular wounds, etc Can Be Consumed by All Ages Recommended Dosage: 0-5 years child : 1 Tea Spoon , 2 times per day Children 6 to 18 : 3 Teas Spoon, 3 Times per day Adults: 3 Table Spoons, 3 Times per day Suggested to use before meals or in a state of empty stomach.

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  • MANJAKANI, Indonesian Oak Galls for female hygeine, 50 capsules

    Plant manjakani or Oak galls contains 50-70% tannin formulation of anti-oxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, selenium, calcium, iron, astringent, anti-inflammatory agents, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal agents, fiber, carbohydrates and protein. The contents can restore suppleness and abdominal muscle wall of the uterus after childbirth, eliminate excessive mucus and makes the vagina to be clean and odourless.

    Benefits of Manjakani: • Restore damaged organs and muscle toning the outside of the vagina

    • Help restore strength and resilience of the surroundings of vagina, especially after childbirth

    • As a natural antiseptic, which can help overcome the infection caused by fungi and bacteria that cause odor and itching of the female organs

    • As an antioxidant, which is able to restore the elasticity and density of the walls of the vagina and can complement to anti aging or hormonal imbalances.

    • As an astringent, Majakini helps to reduce and eradicate germs that cause whitish mucus.

    • Help to expedite the process of disposal because it contains high fibre.

    • Reducing excess mucus (mucus) of the female organs

    • Beautify the skin and skin problems such as acne, etc.

    Composition: Quercus lustanica / oak galls ..................... 500 mg

    How to use: Consumed 2 x 2 capsules per day Taken 1 hour before meals

    This genuine Manjakani capsules are manufactured according to standard of drug production and have obtained permission from the Indonesian Government with licence number 113328831.

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  • Sidaguri Herbal extract Capsules for joint pains, 60 capsules
    The trunk of Sidaguri plant contains tannins and calcium oxalate, while the roots contain kaloid, steroids and ephedrine. The plant is being traditionally used to relieve stiff, pain joints and lower uric acid levels. Sidaguri capsules are made from sidaguri root (Sida rhombifoli radix). The plant roots were dried in low temperature and processed into powder without preservatives and other additives.

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